A Glimpse into Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark 21

Superpark is not for everyone. Side effects include, snowburn, sunburn, hangovers, beer shortages, body odor, Kodak courage, excessive branding, broken boards, trench foot, frontal flips, backward flips, grab and spins, double chucks, triple chucks, over energetic and over caffeinated 14-16 year olds who have been better at snowboarding than you since the day they were born. Snowboarder Magazine’s Superpark is now legal in its 21st year and for the second consecutive year at Mammoth Mountain a seeming perpetual winter wonderland, its damn sure bigger, better and girthier than it has ever been. I mean come on the features that are built have almost no business existing outside of your Xbox. 120+ foot jumps, hips the size of buildings and consequence that of the same as jumping off of one. That being said we came for the snowfield littered with large sculpted takeoffs, strewn with bent metal but stayed for the beauty Mammoth Lakes has to offer. While this event is extraordinary on-snow its also an excuse for friends to gather in masses and enjoy each others company.

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