Climb with Coors

Climb with Coors is a three day trip you can purchase in partnership with Hotel Telluride. Luckily enough when you experience it through a camera lens it comes cost free. The trip includes three nights at Hotel Telluride complete with your own massive king size bed. A pairing dinner up at Allred’s with the Coors Light Brewmaster, who will talk the whole time giving you the full rundown and history of Coors and take breaks during his story to teach you how to properly taste the beer. Yes there’s a proper way to taste Coors Light. I’d like to point out you need to take the gondola up to the restaurant so you’re starring at a view of Telluride from above as you munch on your 7 course meal. An acclimation day is built in for those of us who don’t already live at altitude. During this day I went fly fishing with a guide but they offer other activities as well, like paddle boarding or other hiking around the area. Lastly the hike to the 14,000 ft Wilson Peak which is the peak you see on every Coors Light can. You start at 4:30am and go up and back before thunderstorms start lighting you up in the afternoon so that puts you back in the car around 2:00pm. Another dinner and some beers and that’s the trip. 

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