DTTD Boston

(Snowboard Magazine)

(Shot on 35mm, 120 and 4X5 Film Only)

Boston – what a town. It's streets painted with unique personalities that tote the pride of their city, that rings in deep “ahhs” and misused “R's”, as if it were the year 1773 and they had just dealt the deed of relocating thousands of pounds of British tea into the harbor. This past weekend the dismay that the British experienced paralleled that of the snapback wearing, lacrosse stick wielding, Natural Light drinking frat bros which gathered like vultures on a carcass after their shirtless jog through City Hall Plaza was interrupted by the allure of a couple large mounds of snow as well as a jungle of tents. The snowboard community was in usual form welcoming them with a barrage of product as spectators settled in to observe a strange phenomenon for a City Hall Plaza that you cannot even skate in.

“The Feeders” kicked off the stand up sledding by offering three riders an opportunity to qualify for a cut of the I.O.U.'s that Krush Kulesza so artistically scripted with spray paint onto scrap cardboard. Right coasters Parker Szumowski, Shaun Murphy and Tim Major hiked their way into, well frankly some more hiking. The main event was two hours of Ryan Paul doing flips as he quickly captured the crowds attention with his inverted aerials and snatching eight g's from other hopefuls and completing his DTTD hat trick. Following RP was his brother by city of Jesse Paul (no they're not actually related) and local Bay Stater Ted Borland.

Despite the fact that Boston's labyrinth of one way roads may have been laid out by haphazardly scribbling on a map all the riders made it and Beantown may have just claimed the crown of best DTTD to date drawing a enormous crowd of stoked spectators. Lobbying for an event in Miami has already started for next year. See you in South Beach.

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