We Went

(Featured in: Snowboard Magazine)

We Plan. Plan on having no plan.

We Drive. Drive out here, rush over there; bitter cold temperatures and precipitation can be fickle.

We are certain. Certain that finding an ideal location is uncertain.

We are careful. Weather does not lend itself well to camera gear. Jumping off buildings and down stairs can prove to be equally precarious.

We sleep. But bring a pillow; sleeping on the ground is more comfortable that way.

We wake up. Hope your boots are dry.

Coffee. We need it.

Food. We can do without.

Shovels. We can’t.

Film. Is hard to roll in the cold.

Handwarmers. Get them.

Layers. We never have too many of them.

We work. Lend a hand, cause a button is easier to push than a trick is to land.

We are polite. Even though we’re getting the boot.

We are patient. It’s a virtue that gets us more chances; be grateful for that situation.

Relax. Dot I’s, cross T’s and don’t fucking blow the shot.

Check the focus.

Press the button.

We high five.

Explain. That it’s film and they can’t see the shot yet.

Hope for the best cause the results aren’t guaranteed but don’t tell anyone that.

We Drink. Moving snow all day in the cold isn’t easy. It’s well deserved.

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