A collection of photos from the 2018/2019 season. Shot all over the world from Japan, to Switzerland, to late spring days in our own backyard in California. Many hours of airport travel, many miles hiked, a handful of completely sleepless nights in tents during stormy weather went into this book. Hell of a five month period, looking back it's hard to believe all these photos were taken in such a small window of time. 

  • 8x10 Perfect Bound
  • Soft Matte Cover w/ Satin Finish
  • 104 Page
  • Hand numbered edition of 400

  • Foreward:

    "Why do we covet the months of doldrums when others hunker down waiting for longer days and warmer weather? It’s difficult to pinpoint one thing. It’s the frozen landscape but it’s also the warm wood stove. It’s the feeling of speed but it’s also the smooth flow. It’s the raw silence but its also the boisterous stoke. It’s the personal joy but it’s also the friendly folks. The feeling is hard to understand when put into words but if a picture is worth a 1,000 words then contanied in these pages are about 286,000 words to go that will give you a glimpse into this world of stoke, flow, joy and fine folks. This is a single season in the eyes of our photographers, skiers, snowboarders, women and men who live this life year in and year out."

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